Kensington Gardens & Hyde Park

This is a post about a very trivial place – I mean, who hasn’t been to Hyde Park? But, nevertheless, it’s one of my favourite places to go in London, so I simply can’t leave it out.

The weather is nice and sunny today, and it actually feels pretty hot! I start off, heading up Gloucester Road, which will take me straight to Kensington Gardens.


I absolutely love Gloucester Road, it’s always so nice to pass by all the familiar houses, shops, cafés, etc.



Speaking about cafés, I also really like the sight of street cafés, especially when it’s nice and warm outside and they are full of people. This one is right at the entrance of Kensington Gardens and is a tiny one.


I actually prefer Kensington Gardens to Hyde Park, and this one here is my favourite alley in my favourite park. No other place in no other park evokes the same feelings!


That’s a “sidetrack” from the main path.


But continuing with the main alley – this is my favourite tree on my favourite alley in my favourite park 🙂 Now this is becoming a cumulative tale and is starting to remind me of “This Is the House That Jack Built”! But really, it’s just too nice sitting, standing or walking under that tree!


The alley continues, with all its greenery and beautiful fragrant flowers of all colours.


There’s yet another arching tree further down the road, although I don’t like it as much as the other one.


Suddenly the Albert Memorial’s pointed spire with a cross appear from among the tree crowns.




I continue walking and finally cross the road between Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, so now I’m obviously in the latter.


Hyde Park is pretty big, one of the largest in London, but the part of it I like the most is the area surrounding the Serpentine Lake. So that is exactly where I’m heading.


Let’s not forget my keenness for street cafés: there are two around the Serpentine. This is the smaller one, Lido, and I’m now realising that I haven’t actually been to it.




People can actually swim in the lake – there is a swimming club running early in the morning every day. I’ve even seen enthusiasts swimming on cold windy winter days – something I would never be able to force myself to do! Temperature aside, I’m also not entirely convinced about the hygienic side of the matter – swimming in still water, where waters birds also swim and poop, sounds like a pretty dubious pleasure to me.

No one is swimming today though, since it’s not that early. However, people are riding horses, which is another great activity that Hyde Park offers – there they are, on the other side of the Serpentine!


Speaking of water birds, there are plenty around here. I’m no ornithologist, so I’m not exactly sure what this duck is doing (not even sure it is a duck in the first place!), but I presume it’s sleeping.


For some reason, I feel an irrational love for geese. Perhaps, it’s because I don’t have the childhood trauma of being attacked by a goose or even a whole gaggle, unlike some of my friends.


I’m really curious to see where this couple is going, accompanied by their teenager goslings.


Then I notice that gentleman, who decided to share his muffin with the birds – so that’s where all those geese, ducks and pigeons are heading!


For me this is the angle, from which the Serpentine looks the best!




And it is also where the second café, Serpentine Bar & Kitchen, is located.


I’ve been to it many times, and it’s really great! On weekends one can hardly find a place to sit, but today is a weekday, so there’s plenty of seats.


Unfortunately, I’m neither hungry nor thirsty, so I end up just passing by. Since this is the end of the lake, I’m now turning in the opposite direction.



It’s funny how demandingly those geese are looking at this boy, as if they are expecting something from him!


Hiring a pedal boat is yet another Hyde Park activity. It’s actually quite fun, and a good workout as well! I think, there are rowing boats too.


Very slowly I’m approaching the Serpentine Bridge, which marks the boundary between Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.


This swan is probably thinking to itself: “Take a picture of me instead, I’m so much more beautiful!”, but the photographer completely ignores it.


This boy, however, looks really impressed!


There’s another lonely swan sitting (is it actually sitting? can swans sit at all?) by the water.


I don’t know what it is about bridges that makes them look absolutely stunning on pictures!


I’ve never seen so many swans gathered in one place before – I wonder, what is going on here. There’s lots of feathers and poop everywhere!


There is even a black swan among all the white ones. There are also black coots, but those are too small to be visible next to the majestic swans.


This is the last picture of the bridge, I promise, I just thought it looked even more beautiful from this angle!


Now I’m in Kensington Gardens again, the water in the second plan is the continuation of the Serpentine Lake, only here it’s called The Long Water. And I have no idea what this construction in the front is supposed to represent.


Then I spotted those two gentlemen in red coats that looked like a military uniform.


This part of Kensington Gardens is called Italian Gardens. The gardens are quite nice, but look a bit too pompous for my taste.



And this is the royal Kensington Palace from across the Round Pond.



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