Canary Wharf

I’m doing another photo-walk today, and it’s going to start at Canary Wharf and finish at Tower Bridge, following the Thames Path, where possible.

First of all, I arrive at the Canary Wharf tube station and take my first picture – as this station looks more modern than many others, I believe it should be eternalised in my blog. It looks pretty empty now, but just imagine it at about 6pm on weekdays!!! And all of a sudden a station official approaches me and says that I should get permission from the station supervisor before taking pictures. He accompanies me to the supervisor’s office, and the latter tells me it’s fine to take pictures, as long as I don’t use flash, which might ‘blind’ the CCTV’s for a short moment. I don’t have in-built flash in my camera anyway, plus I’m already done with the tube station.


Being one of the most modern parts of London and a major financial district, Canary Wharf has a whole large underground area, which connects the tube station with pretty much all the buildings here and has literally everything: all kinds of shops, cafés, banks, pharmacies, currency exchanges. It’s extremely convenient for someone working here: arriving by tube, you can get straight to your workplace, or go to the gym, or do your shopping, or get something to eat – and all that without the trouble of going outside.


This is Canada Square Park. It is lunch time now, so all those people have come out of their financial institutions to eat and bask in the sunshine during their break.


Not everybody likes this type of urban landscape – at least I have yet to hear the words “concrete jungle” used in anything other than a pejorative sense. I find it pretty attractive, though.


This is the Jubilee Park and it’s also full of people having lunch. It’s quite a nice park, but the reason I don’t like it that much is because this is where all the smokers from the adjacent Citibank building come to smoke, and that stinks!



I think, the most representative part of Canary Wharf is this so-called “Reuters square” (I think, it’s not the official name, but that’s how everyone calls it because of the presence of Reuters Plaza).



What makes this view representative for me is the clocks and those hurrying people – I believe this combination is very symbolic and shows the true essence of Canary Wharf.


In the meantime, I’m heading towards the Mackenzie Walk. The train in the picture is the Docklands Light Railway service, which is an automated driverless metro system.


The water, by the way, is not yet the river Thames, as one might have thought – it is the Middle Dock. There are lots of these docks in this part of east and southeast London, which is why it’s called Docklands.


There are a few cafés and restaurants along the Mackenzie walk, where people are enjoying their lunch and/or afternoon beer at the moment.






Here are some serious construction works in progress!


Now I reach the Canary Riverside. The high-rises of the City are visible on the horizon, and that’s more or less my destination.


Looks like the tide is pretty low now – I’ve definitely seen more water here before.



As I mentioned, the Thames Path is not continuous, so the walk is not strictly along the river bank all the time. This is Limehouse already.


As always, I’m fascinated by flowers and how even not particularly beautiful buildings are made look nice and cosy simply by being decorated with flowers.



By the way, all those buildings used to be wharves, so they still have this word in their names.


Who wouldn’t like to have a balcony like this? I’m super jealous looking at it!


I don’t really know what this little puddle is – it’s neither a dock nor a canal – but it looks quite nice with its bright-green algae.


The Narrow is a nice restaurant in Limehouse with the most amazing outdoor seating area. I’ve only been there once, and unfortunately it was so cold (in the end of May!!!), that there was no way we could sit outside. They must be barbecuing meat right now, while I’m passing by, as the mouth-watering smell follows me for a good thirty metres at least!


To get back to the Thames Path from the Narrow Street I have to pass through this courtyard belonging to the Keepier Wharf building, and it’s definitely one of my favourite spots on the way.


Once on the Thames Path again, I turn back and enjoy this magnificent view over Canary Wharf behind me.


And that’s my favourite building on the way – it’s called Free Trade Wharf and it’s a luxury residential development. How lovely it would be to own a flat here, with a balcony overlooking the Thames!


I have never seen water lilies in the Thames before – aren’t they beautiful?


There is a nice little park on my way, and I had no idea what it was called until I Googled it literally two minutes ago – so it’s King Edward VII Memorial Park.



This is the Shadwell Basin, which has an outdoor activity centre, offering rowing, kayaking and canoeing among other activities.


Meanwhile, I have already reached Wapping. This is the Wapping Overground station in the picture, which quite surprisingly is also generously decorated with the most beautiful flowers.


I admit, I do have a thing for balconies. One of my biggest dreams is having a flat of my own with a large spacious balcony with a nice view.



There are a few other buildings that make me envy people living there. Such an amazing location, with a view over the Thames and the Shard and Tower Bridge and what not!


Who wouldn’t like to have a balcony like this? – vol. 2


I am already getting pretty close to the Tower Bridge.


And the skyscrapers of the City are now very close too – there they are in the background!


That is a very touristy picture of Tower Bridge and the Shard.


For some reason I really like this particular place on St Katharine’s Way and I cannot explain why, it doesn’t even look that nice, at least in the picture.


And these are St Katharine’s Docks, which also have a marina (not in my pictures).


The fountain looks much more interesting than it’s called – the Girl with a Dolphin Fountain.


Now that I’m walking past the Tower of London, it gets very crowded and very touristy. I guess, with my camera I’m taken for a fellow tourist.


And, finally, my last photo before taking the tube at the Tower Hill station.





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