Le Pain Quotidien – South Kensington

It’s a breakfast post again, and the place I’m having breakfast today is no hidden gem. It’s the good old Le Pain Quotidien, which is a Belgian bakery-restaurant chain. The closest one to me is right next to the South Kensington tube station.


The communal table is a common theme for all locations of the chain, but of course there are smaller tables for 2 and for 4 as well. It looks like the communal table is not extremely popular, while the rest of the tables are mostly taken. So although you can’t tell from the picture, it’s actually pretty busy on a weekday morning, as everything in the South Ken area always is.


My favourite breakfast here is the classic Petit Déjeuner, which consists of a bread basket with various spreads, a viennoiserie of choice (I choose a pain au chocolat), a glass of orange juice and a hot drink of choice. The spreads that come to my table today happen to be strawberry jam, rhubarb jam and Belgian dark chocolate spread. Otherwise, they also have hazelnut and Speculoos spreads and other jams.


As a hot beverage I take Belgian hot chocolate. Rather than using cocoa powder, they make their hot chocolate European-style (obviously!), bringing you a bowl of hot milk and a small pitch with dense melted chocolate, which you then pour into your milk yourself.


Fresh baguette with butter and strawberry jam – what can be better?


But my number one favourite bread here is the five-grain one with raisins. It tastes so good, that it doesn’t need any spreads, other than butter.





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