The City

It’s a beautiful morning and I need to go to Liverpool street to meet my friends for breakfast, but just before that I want to walk around the City a bit and, specifically, see the St Dunstan-in-the-East  Church.

So I take the tube to Monument and walk down Lower Thames Street. Here I see a Lewis Carroll-inspired pub.


And here is the church. It is hidden so well, that I would have never come across it unless I was looking for it on purpose, which I was.


The church itself has been closed, I think, since the bombing during WWII, when it was largely damaged. But the ruins have been turned into a public garden.


I’d say it’s a true hidden gem. There aren’t that many visitors, and it feels really nice and peaceful here.



This is one of the walls that remained from the church. I love the combination of the grey stone, which the gothic-style wall is made of, and the green ivy covering it.


It looks like the steeple somehow survived the bombing and remained intact.


Here it is again, with a piece of ‘The Walkie-Talkie’ building visible behind it.


Another church I see from the distance is the All Hallows by the Tower Church. For some reason there are quite a few of them in the City.


It’s a standard busy morning for City workers, which probably needs to start with coffee for many of them!


I think, coming here on a weekday morning was a good idea: it is not a rush hour, when the streets would be packed with people, but it’s not a weekend, when the City is unnaturally empty.


It’s the first time that I see how beer is delivered to a pub!


I guess I have to accept this statement as true without proof – I’m sure the author knows better! I don’t know why exactly, but this ‘graffiti’ seems to have gone pretty viral around the world.


What I like about the City is the combination of old and new architecture. Quite suprisingly, they go really well together and look harmonious.


That is what makes it so different from Canary Wharf, which is all made up of new constructions. Here, though, a tall glass structure peeping from behind an old historical building is a common sight.


This looks really interesting – apparently they are keeping this old wall and planning to make it the facade of some new building.


These are some of the City’s skyscrapers.


Finally I reach the Liverpool Street station.


And here is my destination: Broadgate Circle. The place looks really un-Londonlike, I’d rather picture something like this in Singapore or Hong Kong than here.


Broadgate Circle actually ‘positions’ itself as a dining hub and I can see quite a few nice restaurants.






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