St James’s Park & Green Park

Usually, when I have a lot of time and want to walk in parks, I start with Kensington Gardens and then move to Hyde Park, Green Park and, finally, St James’s Park. However, last time, when I posted about Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, I didn’t have time for the remaining two.

So today I am going to make up for this, starting with St James’s Park. Although, I like this park slightly less than Kensington and Hyde Parks, I still find it very nice and one big reason for this is the flowers.


I like the flowers here way better than elsewhere, apparently they are selected very carefully and with great taste to make truly magnificent compositions.




It’s quite early in the morning, the weather is pretty warm and relatively bright, albeit with a few clouds here and there.


The other reason why I am really fond of this park is the St James’s Park Lake right in the middle of it, taking up at least one third of the park’s total area.



Like in the case of all other lakes and ponds in other parks, there are lots of birds here.


Only I find the wildlife much more varied here. Besides the usual ducks, geese and swans, there are herons, for example.


And these, if I’m not mistaken, must be pelicans. The three of them look pretty funny, as if they are having a conversation right there.


Knowing my utmost affection towards both bridges and geese, it’s not difficult to guess that this picture looks perfect to me!


The Blue Bridge, by the way, is always busy with people taking pictures. One may ask, why.


And the answer is this spectacular view of Buckingham Palace that you get from it.


Or, the no less amazing view of London Eye and Horse Guards Parade from the other side.


One last picture of the lake just before I leave St James’s Park and head towards Green Park.


This is a rather pretentious flower bed next to Green Park’s Canada Gate in front of the Buckingham Palace.


I’m sure, there are no introductions needed, but just in case: this is the Buckingham Palace itself.


As always, there are gazillions of tourists around it. Given that it’s still early enough in the morning, I’m sure they are waiting for Changing the Guard ceremony.


Green Park itself is my least favourite out of all, I would say. All it consists of are vast open spaces, and there isn’t really anything interesting to see.


It looks like someone is having a pre-wedding photoshoot.


This is the Piccadilly side of the park, close to the Green Park underground station, and I find it slightly nicer.




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