As much as I like walking around my favourite parts of London, it’s always nice to discover new places. Today I have a meeting in Kilburn, which is in north-east London, and I thought I should take my camera with me, since I haven’t been there before and I might not go there again.

The Jubilee line takes me to the Kilburn station, from where I start my rather short walk around the area.


Fruits and vegetables seem to be everywhere – I’ve come across a good few stalls like this. So the air smells nicely and sweetly of summer fruits: peaches, cherries and watermelons. Occasionally it also smells like weed smoke, but that’s a whole different story, I guess.


There is this interesting piece of street art right across the road from the tube station.


Kilburn High Road is really crowded with all sorts of little shops, cafés, pubs and other establishments.


And that’s what the houses look like in this area. Architecture-wise they are quite nice, but it is the colour that makes them look somewhat dull, at least to my taste – I guess, I’m just too used to the red brick houses in my part of London.


I only realise that I’ve been walking in the wrong direction for a bit when I find myself in the middle of a residential area.


This part of the residential area doesn’t look anything like London to me.


On my way back I notice a couple of interesting-looking beer places.


As I Googled what there was to see around the Kilburn station before leaving home, I found Kilburn Grange Park, so I was really determined to visit it. The park looks nothing special at the first glance – there is a large open area, a playground, a basketball court and some other sport facilities.


But then I notice this little rose garden.


There are roses of various sizes and colours here and I notice some people examining them very carefully, discussing them and even naming their classifications, which sounds really impressive.



Pay attention to the animal that woman has on a leash – it’s not actually a dog, but a ferret!


And here are a few more pictures of the beautiful rose garden.






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