Today I am going to Wolseley, which is a rather fancy restaurant, for a friend’s birthday lunch.

The restaurant is located right next to the Ritz Hotel in Mayfair. It used to be a Barclays Bank brunch until 1999, when it was turned into a Chinese restaurant, and then, in 2003 into an upscale European one.


Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the interior, but the place was so busy, that it may actually be for the best – I didn’t have to disturb anyone. For starter we got some oysters. They have three varieties in the menu, so we tried one of each, and there was one that I liked more than the two other, but I can’t remember which was which…


That was accompanied by some nice prosecco!


For my main course I got a Wiener schnitzel, which was pretty good, with a green salad.



And this is the dish that one of my friends ordered: Landaise chicken with leaks and tarragon sauce. She particularly commended the tarragon sauce very highly.



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