Camden Town

I consider Camden Town to be the coolest place in London. What it’s mostly known for are alternative subcultures – it’s even referred to as London’s goth and punk incubator!

I arrive at the Camden High Street and the first thing I see are hordes of people swarming around, most of which seem to be tourists. It’s not surprising though, as it’s Saturday and the weather is exceptionally warm.


Generally, Camden High Street is a true piece of art in itself. The buildings here are all painted in different colours and decorated.


The clothes they sell in the shops here are as quirky and funky as you would expect!


Of course, there are the usual high street chain shops as well, but even those look quite different when they have walls like that above them!


What is going on here? I have no idea. It definitely looks like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, but I’m not sure if he’s selling something, or advertising a tea house, or just sitting there for his own pleasure.


Now those are super impressive decorations! And really informative too – at least anyone looking for shoes or Indian crafts or gothic clothing can spot these shops from far away.



So I cross the road to take a closer look. I used to be quite a fan of gothic lifestyle a good ten years ago, but never owned proper gothic clothes. I rather treated shops like these like museums, where I could just look around, than places to actually buy stuff. By the way, believe it or not, but I’m just noticing the ‘no photography’ signs now as I’m writing this post. Sorry about that, dear shop owners!


The Indian crafts shop looks colourful and fun!


Another building with super cool decorations is this leather and boot store.



And those are the boots they sell, most of which are punk or gothic styled, obviously. Those aren’t cheap boots, I should tell you!


Further on, there are more buildings with graffiti and 3D decorations on them. I think, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this street!




Finally I reach the Regent’s Canal.


There is a street food market nearby, which I’m heading to, and it’s around lunch time, so people are sitting at the waterside, or wherever they can find a place, and eating.



The whole area, with its shops, cafés and street market is buzzing.


This part of the canal is fully covered with algae and looks really weird!


This, I think, is the twin manually operated Camden lock.


There is quite a cool street food market around Camden Lock – or at least, I’m guessing that it’s cool, since I’ve never tried it myself: as we all remember, I like looking at street food, but eating it much less so.



It looks like the presence of paella at any self-respecting street food market is an absolute must!


And these are Danish pancakes – literally the smallest pancakes I have ever seen in my life.


On my way back to the tube station I spot this guy and his impressive chalk and charcoal (?) art. The arrow and the pictures on the left clearly indicate that he doesn’t really appreciate being photographed for free – or even for pennies – but I’m pretty happy to part with a pound to take this picture.




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