A heatwave has hit London and is here to stay for a few days. Well, its “only” 30 degrees Celsius, but for a city so poorly adapted for hot weather it feels really hot!

Today I’m going to Greenwich from Canary Wharf, which is a rather short DLR trip to Cutty Sark Maritime Greenwich. This is how the streets of Greenwich look like.


And that is the actual Cutty Sark behind that merry-go-round, one of the last tea clippers built in 19th century.


It’s so boiling hot that everyone seems to be out drinking cold beer (which, by the way, doesn’t do a great job cooling you down, in case you didn’t know!)


I’m heading to Greenwich park, for which I have to walk past the National Maritime Museum.



And this is the colonnade of the Queen’s House, which I haven’t captured in a picture and which used to be a royal residence and is part of the National Maritime Museum nowadays.


It’s my second time in Greenwich, by the way, and I remember that last time, which was some time in early spring, it was raining cats and dogs at some point, so I had to seek shelter under this roof right until it stopped raining.


As you can see, what the park and the area around the Maritime Museum have in common is the abundance of vast lawns. That’s really nice, although not particularly helpful when shadow is so desperately needed.


Luckily, there’s this nice shady alley, which takes me to my intended destination, i.e. the Royal Observatory.


As I’m climbing up the hill, I get to enjoy this magnificently spectacular view over the National Maritime Museum and Canary Wharf.



Finally I get to the observation deck, from which you can see not only Canary Wharf but also the City. Obviously, everyone is taking pictures here.


And here too – this is the 24-hour Shepherd Gate Clock and standard lengths of British Measurement.


This is the area around the Observatory and a piece of William Herschel’s telescope.


The Great Equatorial Telescope, which is the largest refracting telescope in the UK, is hidden is that dome.


As anyone could guess, the line represents the primary meridian and divides the eastern and western hemispheres. Here you can see a whole list of different cities and their longitudes.


This strangely shaped construction is the Peter Harrison Planetarium, which, as far as I know is a rather modern laser planetarium, but I haven’t been inside.


This is the building which holds the Weller Astronomy Galleries and also a shop and a café.


The outside part of the café is on the Gagarin terrace.


Of course, the terrace is called after Yuri Gagarin because it has a statue dedicated to him, which only was placed here in 2013.


So this was a rather short visit to the Observatory, but I’ve been here already and today I got to see everything I wanted to see.


On my way back I spotted this woman with her big brown dog. The dog would bark very loudly every time they passed by a smaller dog, and I nearly had a heart attack each time.


People are enjoying themselves in pubs and cafés, and those who are sitting outside are also enjoying the sunshine. There’s the woman with the dog again in the front.


Taking a picture of someone’s door surrounded by plants and flower pots has nearly become a tradition!


Someone seems to have found just the perfect way to use a cookbook 😀


I hope it’s easy to grasp the scale of this sculpture from the photo – that’s a really tiny man guarding someone’s house!



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