Battersea & Clapham

Today I am exploring new unfamiliar places again. This time my destination is Clapham Common, but I decide to get off bus no. 49 earlier, at the beginning of Falcon Road in Battersea, and walk. Mind you, it’s the hottest day of the year so far, so it’s not the most pleasant walk ever.

It’s just past 10 o’clock in the morning, but the pubs in the area are already open and have quite a few customers!


For some reason, the idea of a horse drawn funeral feels so typically English to me that I absolutely have to take a picture of this funeral home.


I am really enjoying the architecture around the Clapham Junction railway station.


Then I reach Lavender Hill, which is a shopping and residential street. Again, the architecture around here looks pretty amazing.



Speaking of Lavender Hill, it’s not called ‘hill’ just for the sake of a fancy name. The whole area actually has a hilly landscape, which is very much noticeable when looking at those little side streets and which makes them so pretty (at least they are to me!)





Starting this blog in summer was definitely a very good idea of mine, as most places wouldn’t look half as beautiful without the greenery and especially the flowers.


Another hilly street is Battersea Rise, and I’m convinced that it wouldn’t look as nice were it completely flat like streets elsewhere.


Clapham Common is a large park, most of which is just open space. I imagine, on sunny but slightly cooler days these lawns would be crammed with people having picnics or just chilling. Today there’s hardly anyone apart from a few tanning enthusiasts.


I prefer to stay in the shade, therefore try to walk strictly under the trees, which there isn’t too many of in this park anyway.



There is a road to cross between two sections of the park, so while crossing I’m shooting away (pictures, that is) – standing on the pavement and not in the middle of the road, obviously (had to make this disclaimer so that no one thinks that I’m promoting unsafe behaviour)!




What a contrast between these two pictures, and, trust me, you can feel this difference as clearly as you can see it!



I was just going to say that apparently not everyone is super fussy about the heat and the burning sun, but then noticed that the bunch of people in the picture are actually sitting in the shade of that tree. Well done, guys!


When in the shade, it doesn’t feel too hot, thank goodness, and there is even an occasional light breeze, which is very pleasant.


Apparently there are several ponds in this park, but I only get to see one of them, the Mount Pond, as it’s already time to go home soon, plus I’m boiling hot.


I spot  quite a few people fishing around the pond, although you probably can’t see in the picture.


Then I see this sign, which looks funny and confusing at the same time. What exactly is it prohibiting? Is it fishing in general or certain fishing-related activities? And why can’t you run away with a fish under your arm?


These other signs clarify the situation a bit – looks like some ways of fishing are permitted under certain circumstances, while some others aren’t. Surprisingly, there isn’t any thin ice in sight though!


There’s also a little snack place right next to the pond, and the mere idea of having a snack in this heat feels super disgusting to me right now!


One interesting thing that I’ve never seen and that Clapham Common has is a community food growing space.


This is the last picture from the park, as I got to its southernmost part and am preparing to head to the nearby Clapham South station.



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