Breakfast Club

It’s been a while since my last breakfast out, so, as I’m in Battersea anyway, I decide to go to The Breakfast Club – a chain which I’ve been willing to try for some time.

The Breakfast Club at Battersea Rise looks really pretty. All the outside tables are taken, but that doesn’t really upset me, as today is probably the only day of the year when it’s actually too hot to sit outside!


So instead I am seated next to the window, which I think is a lovely spot – it’s still kind of in the fresh air, it overlooks the terrace and the street, but you feel a gentle breeze rather than the heat.


The interior, according to their own website, is inspired by “a 50′s kitchen and an 80′s launderette”.



I really like the colours they used for the interior – oh, and that orange fridge as well!


I’m hesitating between a hot drink and a cold one, but since drinking cappuccino for breakfast is kind of a tradition of mine, I decide to stick to it. The cappuccino is particularly good, so I don’t regret the decision!


As for the food, although I prefer sweet breakfasts as a general rule, I feel like deviating from this tradition today. What I get is smoked salmon and scrambled eggs 0n toasted multi-grain bloomer with avocado.


It’s pretty much a very safe combination which, I guess, you can’t really go wrong with – and they didn’t, as it was tasty indeed!



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