My Old Dutch

It’s been quite a few days since I last had a breakfast out, and today I feel like pancakes. Every breakfast place does pancakes, of course, but I feel like special pancakes, so I am going to My Old Dutch Pancake House just off Kensington High Street!

I really wish I hadn’t forgotten to take a photo of the outside… But never mind, maybe, if I’m ever around again, I can take one and add it to this post. Here is the interior, though, it looks pretty cosy and I’m guessing that they have made an effort to make it look authentically Dutch.


At least, what can be more Dutch than those wooden shoes hanging on the wall, right?


The menu looks really impressive. It has a huge selection of savoury pancakes, including toppings like chilli con carne, chicken curry and hoi sin smoked duck. Sweet pancakes come in three forms: large pancakes, butterscotch and poffertjes (traditional Dutch pancake puffs).


Ordering my drink is the easy part – I always have cappuccino for breakfast and love trying it in different places.


Food-wise, it’s much more challenging. What I definitely know is that I don’t want anything savoury, but it still leaves me with a lot to select from. They have a Monday offer, by the way, which means that all large pancakes – sweet and savoury – are at £5 each. However, after perusing the menu for a while, I come to the conclusion that butterscotch pancakes with banana, whipped cream and caramel sauce, even though not part of the offer, are exactly what I need!


The pancakes are so delicious that I’m definitely coming again to try something else!



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