Today I’m very randomly in Southgate in north London, and I’m using this opportunity to get to know a new place and take a few pictures.

I arrive at the Southgate station, which, although takes ages, is conveniently on the Piccadilly line.


The underground station actually looks quite funny and reminds of a landed UFO.


This is Chase Road going downhill, which looks really cute with those neat identical houses.


I decide to walk down the Bourne a little bit and see if there is something interesting (or, to be quite honest, I have Googled it and know that there is a park!)


As usual, I’m looking out for flowers around people’s houses.


Speaking of houses, they don’t have a very London-like look. I mean, walking down this road, I almost get the feeling of being somewhere in Scandinavia.



As you can see, I’ve taken quite a few pictures of different ones from different angles. And seriously, if anyone showed me one of these pictures out of context and asked me to guess where it was taken, I definitely wouldn’t name London, at least not at the first go.



Finally I reach Grovelands Park. It seems to be pretty spacious and there aren’t that many people.


The park has a golf course, and you can see two gentlemen on the left playing – or learning how to play – golf.


As I probably mentioned before, any decent park, in my view, should have a pond or a lake, or any other water reservoir, so this one clearly meets the criterion.


Among other wildlife I spot this mother goose with her goslings (I hope, I’m right and these are indeed a goose and goslings, rather than a duck and ducklings, for example).


They are heading straight into the water, where their fellow geese (or ducks???) are waiting for them already.


The park gives a really calm and peaceful feeling, even though it’s not completely empty


Although the lake is called the Boating Lake, I don’t see a single boat anywhere. But given that the lake is pretty big, they just could be in a different part of it.


From some angles the park almost looks like a forest (not counting that red lifesaving kit). It is definitely quite different to Central London parks, although not as ‘wild’ as, for instance, Richmond Park.


I wish I had at least a very basic understanding of mushrooms to be able to tell whether this one is poisonous or edible.


It may seem that these trees are in full blossom, but those are actually the leaves that have such a deep purple colour.



I take another picture of houses on the way back, this time just for the sake of that tree with red berries – it looks like a rowan tree, but I can’t be sure.





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