Fait Maison

It’s been a few days since my last post, as I was quite busy and didn’t have time to go anywhere nice. Today I am doing another breakfast post, and I’m having breakfast at Fait Maison – Salon du Thé, which is right on Gloucester Road, literally 3 minutes walk from my home.

It’s a relatively new place that opened only a few months ago and I’ve been walking past it every single day and seeing people sitting on those cosy cushions and eating or drinking nice stuff that looked Middle Eastern and not only.


So I’m sitting outside as well. Apparently, they are doing afternoon tea among other things, so this tea set is out there on display all the time.


In general the place is more like a bakery and tea parlour (which is kind of obvious from the name – I think, Fait Maison is a chain, but only this particular one is called Salon du Thé).


These desserts look amazing – there are cakes, biscuits, macaroons, muffins, cupcakes, brownies, baklawas and many more.


The interior looks like a very typical tea parlour – I mean, I’d struggle to explain what exactly I would expect to see in a typical tea parlour, but I’m sure you get the point!


All that richness is what I’ve been staring at from outside every single day that as I passed by, thinking to myself that I need to come here one day.


First of all, I deviate from my tradition to have cappuccino every morning and get a pot of Earl Grey tea.


And the reason for that is that I’m having shakshuka for breakfast, and I just don’t think that cappuccino would go well with it. Funnily, it’s the first time I’m ever trying shakshuka, and I’m really loving it!


Although flat bread is served with shakshuka, I get some extra Moroccan bread that looks and tastes somewhat like chapati. It’s a really nice breakfast!



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