Trying to think of more nice places in London that I’ve been to before and that I want to see again, Vauxhall is what comes to mind, therefore this is where I’m going today. The Vauxhall tube station is on the Victoria line.


It’s an interesting area, which to me doesn’t look like anywhere else in London (but that’s the funny thing about London: there are so many areas that don’t look like London in general or like each other, yet that is what London is made of).


The Riverside is my favourite place in Vauxhall, I find it very modern and super cool. It is basically a large residential area with the housing of my dreams.


Behind me is Vauxhall Bridge over the Thames, and by the way Vauxhall is located on the south bank.


As I walk along the river, in front of me I see St George Wharf Pier, and there is also the Battersea Power Station visible on the horizon.


That is what I mean when I speak about the housing of my dreams. I know I’ve been mentioning a lot that a certain building looks like a great place to live in, but the St George Wharf residential development is my most, most favourite of all! It consists of several blocks, this particular one being Fountain House.


St George Wharf Tower is also part of this development, being a residential skyscraper. Sadly, the construction of this skyscraper was marked with two casualties: in 2013 a helicopter crashed into a crane which was used to build the tower, killing the pilot and another person on the ground.


What I like the most here is those street restaurants, cafés and bars right in front of the residential buildings. This block, by the way, is the Ensign House.


There are a few of those panels here and there and they explain the history of Vauxhall. For example, they mention the etimology of the name ‘Vauxhall’, which is from the name of Falkes de Breauté, a famous Norman mercenary in the 13th century, who owned a property here, which was called Faulke’s Hall, and then transformed into Foxhall and finally Vauxhall.


I’ve been here a few times, and usually it is not the liveliest of places, but today there are quite a lot of people. I’m not sure whether it has to do with the London-Surrey bike race, happening today and its route lying nearby (across the river in fact).


The residents of St George’s Wharf are pretty lucky to have all sorts of facilities right in their buildings – in addition to the places to eat that I’ve mentioned, there are gyms, hair and nail salons, grocery stores, a spa and even an art gallery.


The building just behind Vauxhall Bridge is the Secret Intelligence Service MI6, I just wish I had made a better picture of it – it’s hardly even visible.


St George Wharf Tower looks really impressive and even a little bit scary!


I probably can’t emphasise enough how much I’d love to live in one of those blocks. I’ve even looked up some property prices here (sales and rents), but they didn’t look particularly affordable.


There is this tiny garden right in front of me, and also, what immediately catches my eye is that brown building covered with ivy.


Looking back, I can now see London Eye and a bit of Westminster Palace, but still no proper sight of the MI6 building.


Now I’m getting closer to Riverside Court – that is, the ivy-covered building.


It must be really nice to live in it as well, although I’m not as much in love with it as I am with St George’s Wharf.


I then turn back towards the station to explore more of Vauxhall. There is another tower on the horizon, Sky Gardens Nine Elms, which is still under construction. By the way, this is one of the few areas in London that have a cycle track:: the Cycle Superhighway 5 (CS5), connecting Oval to Pimlico, passes through here.


There are two park-like open space areas in Vauxhall. Both of them are really small. This one is called Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, and literally consists of a couple of grassy hills and a basketball court.



The other one is Vauxhall Park, and I wouldn’t even say there is anything special about it.


This is just a picture of a random street somewhere in Vauxhall. Maybe it’s just me, but I got the impression that there are more trees on the streets in this area than elsewhere, making it greener.


The roofs of the St George Wharf development look really interesting indeed – something that you don’t notice at a close distance.


And that’s the end of my today’s walk, as I’m heading back to the tube station.



4 thoughts on “Vauxhall

  1. interesting buildings! my friend like this kind of contemporary housing but I’d prefer to live in one of those elegant white terraced houses of Paddington or Notting Hill:) (I’d have red door:) )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love those houses as well (especially those with red doors 😉 ) ! It’s just that from a purely pragmatical point of view I’d much rather prefer living in a modern one (and from a less pragmatic point of view, a balcony with a river view is my absolute dream!)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Print out the picture of the St George Wharf residential development you made, stick it to the wall and visualize that you live there. Soon or later your dream will become truth.


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