Today I’m having late breakfast in Dishoom, which is an Indian restaurant chain. I’d say, they have the best Indian food in London and getting a table for dinner in any of their locations is always a challenge. They only accept bookings for groups of six and more, so if you are just two or three people, you might have to spend an hour or two in the queue.

I have been here three times already and it was always for dinner, but since I’ve heard a lot of good things about their breakfast, I decide to try it. So here I am right in front of Dishoom at King’s Cross!


There are four locations in total, and the one at King’s Cross is really big: I think it takes at least three floors. This is the ground floor, with a bar.


I am taken to the first floor. It looks like on weekday mornings it doesn’t get extremely busy – at least you can easily get a table. But it’s still pretty lively in here.


The concept of Dishoom is that of a mid-20th century Irani café in Bombay, which have now almost become extinct.


Once again I omit my usual morning cappuccino, this time in favour of their special house chai – how can I not try it? It’s absolutely brilliant, by the way!


Since it’s quite late and technically it’s more of a brunch, i.e. a combination of breakfast and lunch, I’m going to eat a lot! First of all, I get the house porridge with milk, banana and Medjool dates. The porridge is supposed to be bottomless, i.e. it can be topped up as many times as you wish. But, although it’s really good, I think one bowl is more than enough for me.


Especially that I’m also getting the Bombay omelette with tomato, onion, coriander and green chilli, served with toast, butter, ketchup and grilled tomato.


So, once again I’m not disappointed by the food in Dishoom, it’s probably the best breakfast out that I’ve had so far.



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