What else can you possibly do on a day when it’s pouring cats and dogs other than go shopping? And for me shopping in London means one thing: the Westfield shopping centre in White City. Not Oxford Street, which is always so crowded and touristy that I hate it with a passion, not the other Westfield in Stratford, but precisely this very shopping centre in the Shepherd’s Bush area.

I take bus no. 49, which literally takes me to the doorstep of the mall, so I don’t have to soak under the rain.


This is just a passage between the actual shopping centre and a few restaurants.


Here is how this passage looks from the top of the escalator which takes me right to the Village section of Westfield.


Village is where all the luxury brands are concentrated. Being no oligarch wife or daughter (*sigh*), I hardly ever buy much here.


Even the food they offer here is classy – smoked salmon and champagne for lunch anyone?


Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friends, so here is a picture of one of my best friends for you.


Obviously, the cars displayed here are luxury cars as well – this, for example, is Nissan’s luxury brand Infiniti (I had to Google the logo!)


Finally I move to the other, not-so-luxury section, which is so much more dear to my heart: I find that it looks more humanly and down-to-earth in all aspects including the food.


The shops and stores here belong to high street brands: this, for instance, is the good old Marks & Spencer.


I hardly ever buy cosmetics from Lush, but I just absolutely love how it smells when you pass by that shop!


I am now on the first floor, and I know my way around it much better than around the ground floor, probably because that’s where I usually end up doing most of my shopping (and eating – but coming to that later!)


Thanks to these atriums, you don’t feel that the floors are disconnected from each other.


And through another atrium I can spot something interesting going on downstairs. It turns out to be an indoor park launched by Westfield together with Barbados for only two weeks this summer.


Shopping is always nice, of course, but the best place in any shopping centre is obviously its food court, so now we are coming to the most exciting part! Whenever I get hungry in Westfield, in probably 8 cases out of 10 I would eat at Yo! Sushi. They have their own seating area, the usual conveyor belts and pretty good sushi.


Other places, however, don’t have a dedicated seating area, so, pretty much like everywhere else, people queue at the counters and get their food.


Then, again like everywhere else, they try to find a spare table at the spacious common dining area.


Like it’s very often the case with food courts, the stalls here are offering different international options.


As it’s now lunchtime and Westfield is overall exceptionally busy for a Tuesday, the dining area is pretty full, so finding a table is not going to be an easy task (yes, I know that there is an empty one right in front of me in the picture, but I am not sitting down right now!)


Even though it’s busy and people are queuing everywhere, Comptoir Libanais doesn’t seem to have a lot of customers at the moment, which is highly surprising, as they do really good food.


Pho, on the other hand, is quite busy, as always. And they also do really good food. In general, it looks like Far East Asian food is more popular with Westfield shoppers.


This picture does not contradict what I said above, it’s just that people are queuing on the other side, while I found this empty spot to take a picture.


Finally I get my Greek halloumi salad and sit down to eat it. This is apparently one of the 20% of all cases when I don’t eat at Yo! Sushi.


It may seem that my goal here is to take a picture of that Barbados indoor park from another angle, while in fact what I’m trying to do is to get a nice panorama of the whole food court just above it.


It’s now time to leave, so I take the escalator down to the ground floor. You can see that among all those clothes and jewellery shops there is a Tesla store.


And of course there are flowers. Funnily, I never noticed that they sold flowers inside the mall. Maybe they didn’t before.


Outside it is not raining anymore, although it’s still grey and gloomy.


Right ahead me there is the continuation of the passage I mentioned before, going all the way to Wood Lane.


I turn back, though, heading towards the Shepherd’s Bush station where I’ll get a bus.


The Balans Soho Society restaurant always has these wine- or coffee-related quotes on their sandwich board.


And that’s it for today, folks, here I am right in front of the Shepherd’s Bush underground station, in a minute I will cross the road and get to my bus stop.



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