Covent Garden

I think, Covent Garden is one of the most popular places in London, and not only among tourists but with Londoners as well. Obiously, a place like this cannot and should not be excluded from my London blog, so that’s where I’m going today. The Piccadilly Line train takes me directly to the Covent Garden station, right onto James Street.


As always, James Street is full of tourist attractions like these levitating street performers – Silver Man and Wicked Witch.


The Wicked Witch for some reason reminds me of Harry Potter, despite her “nose” and her green colour, and her overall feminine (if this word applies to witches at all) look.


This lonely flower barrow right in front of the Covent Garden Market building also seems to be a tourist attraction – at least people constantly take pictures next to it.


The place is packed with people, even though its a weekday afternoon. I guess, its just peak tourist season now.


Inside the building there is Apple Market selling arts, crafts, antiques and collectibles.


Compared to Portobello Market, which is most renowned for its antiques and collectibles, there seems to be a lot more handmade stuff here – candles, for example.


The jewellery and lace accessories look extremely cool, if somewhat impractical.


And those are some really cool handmade wooden crafts.


Everyone, who has ever been to Covent Garden, myself included, absolutely love it. I’m not really sure why, though. It just seems that this place has a very special atmosphere and it’s quite tricky to figure out what exactly creates this atmosphere: is it the architecture, or the presence of certain shops and restaurants, or the street performances and other entertainment…


But anyway, the Market Building, situated right in the heart of Covent Garden, once used to be a food market and today hosts various shops and boutiques, cafés and bars.


This large space is the South Hall, which kind of serves as the common eating area for the cafés located here.


The lower level has more shops and places to eat and drink.


Outside the Market Building, on the Covent Garden Piazza in front of the Transport Museum, there is yet another market, which seems to be selling a great variety of stuff, from clothing to souvenirs and caricatures.


This is Jubilee Market, which also sells antiques and crafts, but, unlike Apple Market, on certain days of the week only: antiques on Mondays, crafts and arts on Saturdays and Sundays, and household goods, clothes and souvenirs during the remaining days. Today being Wednesday, it is the latter case.


I think I have a thing for crêperies – very rarely do I buy crêpes in them myself, but I seriously enjoy watching them being made for other people and looking at those stacks of Nutella jars and bunches of bananas.


The Covent Garden Piazza and the surrounding buildings remind me of a typical European city. I mean, of course I realise that London is a European city, I know my geography, but yet I have this idea of an almost generic European city view, like one you’d expect to see in Prague, or Vienna, or even Brussels (although I can’t say that those cities look like one another), and London most certainly doesn’t fit this idea.


There are plenty of street restaurants here, and of course, when the weather is nice, like today, they are all extremely busy.


It’s now time to walk around a bit. I’m now on King Street, which, like everywhere else in the area, has plenty of shops and restaurants.


I must admit, a ‘found’ sign is a much rarer sight than a ‘lost’ sign, so I’m even a bit surprised.


I really, really like those narrow streets between Covent Garden and Leicester Square, they look super cosy and they have a lot of nice places to eat, which you can randomly discover.


Here is another one, between the Noel Coward Theatre and a few restaurants and pubs – almost a hidden gem right in the centre of London!


Apparently, Trafalgar Square is not very far from here, judging by how clearly St Martin-in-the-Fields church located at its north-east corner can be seen.


Just a random picture of pizza, it’s just funny how I saw the sign saying “Italian Street Food”, started wondering what it could be and then realised that it’s of course pizza, what else could it be?


This little passage between the Noel Coward Theatre and Wyndham Theatre, displaying a lot of theatre posters, suddenly has a huge one dedicated to The Phantom of The Opera, which is my absolute favourite musical of all times. I’ve seen it eight times already, I’m not even joking! By the way, it’s running at Her Majesty’s Theatre, which is quite a walk from here.


Quite funnily, in my post about King’s Cross I have a picture of a similar triangular building – obviously at King’s Cross – and it also has a Five Guys fastfood restaurant (only here you can’t tell, as that tree there is blocking the view).



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