Little Venice

Today I’m planning a nice and long walk in the Little Venice area, which turns out to be short as there isn’t as much to see as I thought originally, but nonetheless, still nice.

The walk starts at the Warwick Avenue tube station on the Bakerloo line, which is the closest station to Little Venice.


Finding my way around is really easy, as there is a sign saying “Little Venice” and all I have to do is walk down Warwick Avenue. On my way I spot this nice ancient Citroën.


I finally reach a bridge over my dear old friend Regent’s Canal. Actually, this is pretty much the place where it begins.


The private mooring on my right is so beautiful with all sorts of flowers, that I’m trying to take a closer picture of it.


And one more, from the walkway along the canal. That blue bridge is where I was standing before.


In fact, the Regent’s Canal doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. Its starting is point is this large pool (called Browning’s Pool, or Little Venice Lagoon, or simply the Lagoon) where it forms a junction with the Grand Union Canal. It is the area around this pooled that’s referred to as Little Venice, for pretty obvious reasons.


The 14-kilometre Regent’s Canal actually forms part of the 220-kilometre Grand Union Canal, as in the beginning of 20th century the Regent’s Canal Company bought several other canals, which all together formed the Grand Union Canal.


This part of the canal is its Paddington Arm, which is pretty much a dead end with its terminus being Paddington Basin at a rather short walk from the Lagoon. So it is along the Paddington Arm that I’m intending to walk right to the Paddington station.


It’s the first time I ever see the coat of arms of the Borough of Paddington or actually hear that Paddington is a separate borough. Later Googling reassures me that I’m not completely ignorant – it’s just that it used to be a borough up until 1965, when it became part of the City of Westminster.


That’s a very narrow part of the Grand Union Canal, which is then going to get broader as it runs west, towards Ladbroke Grove. But I’m going in the opposite direction, so I won’t see that.


That’s a very nice looking floating café which serves coffee, cakes, breakfasts and probably something else.


That’s another picture of it, once I turn back after walking a while. As mentioned, I am walking along the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal.


Here is a very fancy looking footbridge, and I can already see a modern development, meaning that I’m approaching the Paddington station.


I have no idea who (or which organisation) this boat belongs to, but I just love those water cans serving as flower pots!


This is the Sheldon Square Amphitheatre, surrounded by some office buildings, with a few places to eat and even a gym.



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