Kensington Crêperie

Remember how in my Covent Garden post I mentioned that I preferred watching crêpes being made for other people than buying them for myself (if you don’t because you haven’t read it, then go and read it!)? Well, not today!

It’s relatively early in the morning and I’m heading out to Kensington Crêperie at South Kensington for a nice sweet crêpe (they have a good selection of savoury crêpes as well, but let’s indulge!). The website says they open at 10am, and although it’s still around 9.30, they are already up and running.


I sit outside, as it’s a nice day, and, as per my morning tradition, get myself a cup of cappuccino.


As for my sweet crêpe, I go for the one called ‘Hazel-bania’ with hazelnuts, bananas, chocolate and salted caramel.


My goodness, the crêpe is sooo delicious!


After I’m finished, I sneak inside to take a picture of the interior. As you can see, it’s pretty simple, with a few nice posters.



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