The Book Club

Another breakfast out, and this time I am having it at The Book Club, which I even struggle to define. It’s kind of a café and a cocktail bar and a ping pong place and a venue for creative events and social activities in art, music, food, design at the same time. And if you still want to ask where it is – well, where do you find this kind of places in London? Of course in Shoreditch!


Most of that fun stuff happens at night, though, while in the morning having a coffee or breakfast seems like pretty much all you can do here. It’s about 9am and the place is quite empty.


There are menus already placed on all tables, and you have to order and pay at the bar. Whilst waiting, you can check out the upcoming events or solve a crossword on the paper placemat right before you.


Needless to say, I start with a usual cup of cappuccino. I may sometimes ditch it in favour of another beverage, especially in ethnic restaurants and cafés, but in a hipster place like this it is simply out of question!


Food-wise, I stick to the hipster theme as well and get an avocado toast with lime and sumac, two poached eggs and smoked salmon.


It’s really good, although I don’t imagine it even being possible to go wrong with the eggs-avo-smoked salmon combo! Oh, and I almost finished the crossword!




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