I’m meeting a friend for dinner in Soho tonight, so just before that I have time to walk around with my camera a bit. Just in case someone doesn’t know, Soho is an area in Central London’s West End and it has been a major entertainment district long before others, like Shoreditch and Brixton, came into the picture.

I arrive at Leicester Square and start walking towards Soho via Charing Cross Road.


That’s just a secondhand book shop specialising in rare books, but its name catches my eye.


Here I am standing at the intersection of Charing Cross Road and Shaftesbury Avenue. If I head in the direction I’m facing at the moment, I’ll end up at Covent Garden. If I turn back in the opposite direction, though, I’ll find myself in Soho – this place is pretty much where it starts.


Quite obviously, there is absolutely no point going to Covent Garden, since I’ve already posted about it and it’s not where I need to be today anyway, so of course I do head in the opposite direction. Right in front of me now is the Palace Theatre, which is currently playing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. From what I’ve heard, it’s virtually impossible to get tickets for that play, at least up until May next year, unless you’re ready to pay a couple of thousand quid for resold ones. I’m definitely not – I’ve bought and read the book already, and don’t think it’s worth it at all…


In general, despite having reputation of an area for nightlife and adult entertainment, Soho is much more than that. For example, it has quite a few theatres.


Quite strangely, even though technically these streets are not part of Chinatown, and lie beyond it, you still get the impression of being in Chinatown.


Apparently, some places don’t even bother to put up signs in English!


By the way, Soho is also the centre of London’s gay scene, as indicated by LGBT flags displayed in many restaurants and bars.


Speaking of restaurants and bars, there are plenty here in Soho – any type of food and drinks, for any budget. In fact, when I personally am going out for food or drinks, in many instances that would be somewhere around this area.



It’s super busy, although it’s Tuesday. I’d say, on a Friday night, don’t even think of coming here for dinner without a reservation – you’ll most likely have to wait for at least an hour or two!


I never even realised there was such thing as Russian street food!


I also, surprisingly, never realised there was such thing as Soho Square with that half-timbered gardener’s hut!


One distinctive thing about Soho is that whichever narrow little side street you turn into, you’re definitely going to find a place to eat or drink there.



This is a jamonería – a shop and restaurant specialising in Iberian jamón. I’ve never seen one before, plus the shop window looks really interesting.


But no jamón for me this time, as I’m going to have a delicious burger in this place!! This is where I end my photowalk, that’s it for today.




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