Sometimes I just take my camera and go specifically to places that I would like to write a post about. On other occasions I just need to be somewhere for other business and the place happens to be one that I haven’t covered in my posts yet.

That’s exactly the case today. I need to go somewhere in the Marylebone area early in the morning, and, using the opportunity to walk around, I arrive at the Baker Street station. There, you can even see the statue of Sherlock Holmes, looking wisely at the station exit as if he’s expecting a suspected criminal to appear there any minute.


No wonder that there there is a hotel, a restaurant (or maybe more than one), even a pharmacy on or around Baker Street called after Sherlock Holmes – and that’s not even to mention his museum, which, by the way I am not passing by today.


True story, haha! People in this greeting card shop clearly know what they’re talking about!


I’m walking down Baker Street, passing by empty street cafés. Well, at least they are empty outside, which is quite understandable given the grey and rainy weather.


This is just an office building located at 55 Baker Street. I’ve been here once for business, but oddly somehow managed not to notice that it is pretty cool architecture-wise!


This shop, specialising in games, offers people to play chess right here, absolutely for free. How impressive!


Next I turn onto Blandford street and take a picture of this nice-looking building on the perpendicular Chiltern Street. Apparently I get too distracted looking out for nice buildings, because literally a few steps later something really unpleasant happens: I fail to notice a dip in the pavement and twist my ankle. But it feels alright, so I continue walking.


This is the majestic gothic building of the St James’s Roman Catholic Church. It’s actually surprising to learn that it was only built in the 19th century, since it has a very distinct medieval look to it.


I’m not sure whether this particular pub was Winston Churchill’s favourite but for whatever reason there is his portrait outside of it.


Today I’m taking a lot of random pictures of streets and buildings without any special meaning or context, but it’s just that I really like the area and its overall atmosphere, so bear with me!



As always, I’m slightly annoyed by the cars parked along the streets as I find that they spoil the whole view. But not much I can do, unless I don’t want to spend hours waiting till they leave (and I don’t, rest assured!) It appears to be the time when post is getting delivered, as many of these cars have UPS, DPD, Fedex etc. signs on them.



After a lot of wandering around, I end up on Oxford Street, which I usually quite dislike for being super hectic and crowded.


It’s a weekday morning, so there aren’t too many people here right now – I mean, look at the picture, it probably still looks really busy, but everything is relative, right?


There is this waffle place right next to the Bond Street underground station, which is easily detectable from many metres afar thanks to the divine smell of freshly baked Liège waffles.


As I walk along James Street I see this map of St Christopher’s Place, which is the parallel street with many restaurants, cafés and shops.


As it can be seen from the map (or the pictures below), James Street itself has quite a few restaurants as well, which offer very nice outside seating.



And this piazza is essentially the entrance to St Christopher’s Place.


Last time I was been on this street was more or less a year ago, and I definitely didn’t see this mural portrait of Queen Elizabeth – simply because it wasn’t there then: it was created in celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday, which was obviously this year.


What a nice initiative of this restaurant to make a lunch discount for people working locally. I can’t help wondering what the terms and conditions are, though: what exactly is meant by ‘locally’, how they check it, etc.


And finally, here is a photo of lovely flowers for you. I don’t think I’ve seen these ones before, but both species are wonderful!



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