One place which I have had in my ‘breakfast list’ for ages – even long before I actually started going out for breakfast as part of this blog – is ScandiKitchen, a Scandinavian café and grocery shop. The place is located in Fitzrovia and is a relatively short walk from the Oxford Circus tube station.


This is where you order the food or pay for your groceries. Unlike what the website says, the café doesn’t actually have a menu as such, only what’s written on the blackboard.


That’s the grocery part, which I didn’t actually check out.


The whole place is decorated with the flags of the Scandinavian countries and various grocery products. This, for instance, looks like cheese initially – but after Googling I find out that it’s crispbread.


I absolutely loved that moose crossing sign, which, I presume, should be a perfectly normal sight in Scandinavia.


And now comes the interesting part, involving food and drinks! Starting with the drinks, of course I get a cappuccino, what else!


This is a bowl of Nordic rye and oat porridge, topped with lingonberry jam. It might not look extremely presentable, but actually tastes very good, even though it doesn’t have a ton of toppings like fruits, berries, nuts, seeds and chocolate, which I usually add to the porridge I make at home.


And of course I have to try the famous Swedish cinnamon bun. It’s good as well, if somewhat too sweet for my taste, and consistency-wise, it’s denser than a Cinnabon-type cinnamon roll.


This is how everything looks all together. It’s a shame that I don’t really enjoy sitting in a café for hours, reading a book or working on my laptop, since this one would have been a perfect place for that!



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