Today’s photowalk is really short and actually disappointing. I have planned walking around the Victoria station, and while I did plan it to be short and I was aware that the whole area basically represents one big construction site until 2018, it was either that there was suddenly even more construction going on, or I just hadn’t realised how annoying it was to have limited accessibility and road works everywhere until I tried to walk around with a camera.

So, I arrive at the Victoria station and start making my way to the Victoria Street, which would have probably been an easier task if half of the way hadn’t been blocked…


Victoria Street is home to several modern glass buildings, containing offices, shops, restaurants and cafés – quite a lively place.


But just round the corner there are also more traditional London-style red-brick houses. You might have noticed that I always get fussy about big cars blocking my view or spoiling it – so here is one again.


Back to the glass buildings, though – I find this one rather impressive. It is called Cardinal Place and it actually has a shopping centre on its ground floor. I’m not sure what’s on other floors, but those look like some offices.


What you’re least expecting to see amidst a street with such modern buildings is a cathedral like this. I remember my surprise and awe the very first time I saw it.


It is the Westminster Cathedral, which is the mother church of the Catholic Church in England and Wales. Architecture-wise, I think it looks absolutely stunning, and Wikipedia tells me that it’s built in the neo-Byzantine style, which I doubt I’ve ever heard of.


In front of the Cathedral there is a nice little piazza.


I remember, once I had to take a bus somewhere from Victoria (but not the coach station) and the bus stop was located in a nice quarter very close to the station, which had really pretty Victorian buildings (or Edwardian, I can’t tell them apart). But I’ve never been able to find that quarter since. It could be just that I’m not recognising it, but these buildings, for example don’t look as pretty to me as those ones did.



Walking along Victoria Street in the opposite direction, you soon get to Grosvenor Gardens, which kind of merge with Green Park later on.


There is hardly anything interesting to photograph here, apart from this very nice-looking building, and of course, there is no way to avoid any road blocks or other elements of construction getting into my pictures.


I then turn onto Buckingham Palace Road and it’s the same story there as well.


And same thing on Bressenden Place too, where I turn to head back to the Victoria Station.


What I like, though, is this green wall – only recently I had to do some research on green infrastructure, so now I know that walls like this have a whole range of benefits for cities.


That’s how dreadful the railway station looks right now… It is actually such a beautiful building and I really wish I could take a proper picture of it, but seems like I have to wait two more years for that.


At least inside it looks like a normal railway station. Anyway, this post turned out to be a really grumpy one, but hope the next one will be better! 🙂



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