Duck & Waffle

In order to have breakfast here, I had to book a table for 9 am (!!!) today several weeks ago! But here I finally am in the famous Duck & Waffle. The restaurant is located in the Heron Tower, which is close to Liverpool Street and is the third tallest building in London.

While the lift is precipitously taking me up to the 40th floor, I get to enjoy this breathtaking view.


At first I feel a bit lost, as the first thing I see exiting the lift is not the restaurant, as one would expect, but, quite unconventionally, the toilets. Once I walk past them, I get to the bar area, where I have to ask the staff if this is indeed Duck & Waffle.


Which it is! And a member of staff takes me to the next room, which definitely looks like the restaurant I’m looking for.


Now I see why this place is so popular that it’s virtually impossible to get in, unless you book ages in advance. Or, at least, definitely one of the reasons why – you don’t get views like this in many place!



Even though it’s not extremely busy, there are quite a lot of people for such an early hour. And I don’t think that any of the empty tables remain unreserved – people keep arriving all the time.


So, I’m really impressed that despite the rather significant number of clients, the service is really quick and you actually don’t have to wait long for your order.


Speaking of the order, the first item remains usual: a cup of cappuccino.


I make up my mind with regard to the food fairly quickly as well. There are quite a lot of items on the menu, which look tempting, but I just feel that on a special occasion like this (and this is a special occasion, given that I’ve waited for more than a month, for God’s sake!) one really needs to INDULGE! So I get the Full Elvis waffle, which comes with peanut butter, jam, fresh berries, banana brûlée, chantilly cream and something else, which was included in what they called “all the trimmings”. I believe, in the modern Internet culture a meal looking like this is referred to as “foodporn”.


Needless to say, this breakfast is delicious and extremely filling! It is also a bit on the expensive side, but totally worth the experience!



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