Imperial Wharf

Once again, I’m one day late with my post, so let’s pretend it is a cool cloudy Sunday today, rather than a warm and (more or less) sunny Monday. I happen to be in the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital (bye-bye, spaceboots and crutches, hurray-hurray!), therefore, since I’m in Chelsea already, I decide to walk to Imperial Wharf via Fulham Road and Gunter Grove. So I’m in Chelsea again!


It looks like someone was feeling rebellious or was determined to make it into a fun meme post like “X anarchists who don’t care about your rules”.


Well, this is Chelsea, which is pretty much synonymous to wealthy, affluent and posh. Yet, it appears that not all of Chelsea looks that impressive. This part clearly doesn’t.


But luckily, flowers can make everything look better!


As I’m approaching Chelsea Creek and the Chelsea Harbour, there is a lot of construction going on.


The area starts looking nicer, but also very modern and therefore completely different from Chelsea (both its nicer and less nice parts). Also, technically it is already more Fulham than Chelsea.


There are no Underground stations anywhere close (remember, I mentioned there not being any in Chelsea either), but at least the Imperial Wharf Overground station is here.


This bookcase stands right inside the station, that’s a very nice initiative by the station officials!


I am coming closer and closer to the river, where there are even more new modern buildings and developments.


The buildings are great, and the flats there should probably have an amazing view over the Thames. However, I’m not quite sure how I feel about this area overall. It feels too isolated, remote and deserted for my taste.



I’m now at the riverside, right next to the Chelsea Harbour Pier.


This is the Imperial Wharf Marina, which is a rather new mooring facility and also a private pier.


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about Vauxhall, where I was admiring very similar residential developments on the riverside. To be honest, I would still prefer them to these ones, even though, as I just mentioned, they are pretty similar.


Bridges are my weakness, as I once said, so of course I have to take a picture of this nice green bridge in full. Disappointingly, it doesn’t even have a name in the map.


Well, maybe I should reconsider these buildings and give them a second chance (haha, as if someone was already offering me a spacious flat with a large balcony overlooking the river completely for free both here and in Vauxhall and asking to choose one of them!)


Apparently, there has been a massive construction boom recently in Wandsworth, judging by the number of new buildings over there. They look very impressive indeed!


See how empty the waterside walk looks, apart from occasional mums with prams, dog walkers and runners!


There is even a park in the area, and not surprisingly, it’s called Imperial Park.


The height of the trees gives away the fact that the park is very new (trivia fact: it was actually opened in 2009), and for some reasons no dogs are allowed in it. Children, however, are welcome.


I wonder whether it’s a coincidence that apart from a few children playing in the obviously cold water, there aren’t many visitors in the park or people are actually expressing solidarity with discriminated dogs 😀


I’m done with today’s walk – it felt so unusual and weird to be able to walk on my two feet without the need of crutches! – and am now going to take a bus to Earls’ Court.




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