The Good Life Eatery

Today I am taking my mum for a breakfast out, and the next place on my list is The Good Life Eatery, which is a small chain of healthy eateries and smoothie bars. We are going to the one on Sloane Avenue not far from South Kensington.


It looks like a very nice place, even though there are no other visitors apart from us at the moment, but 9am is pretty early, so it’s quite understandable.


We both get cappuccino, and our cups are brought to us with this nice coffee art on them!


Food-wise, we decide to get two different things and share both. Here comes Skinny Royal, which is a whole grain toast with smoked salmon, poached eggs, and saffron yogurt.


The other dish is sweet, and that’s chestnut and almond waffles with coconut yoghurt, mashed banana and raspberry jam.


It was a great healthy breakfast and I really wish I had discovered this place earlier!



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