The London population is continuously being spoiled with proper summer weather. I still have a few places left to visit, and since I am meeting someone around Holborn, I’m going to make a post about the Bloomsbury area. I travel to the Russell Square station at get off there.


This interestingly constructed building is the Brunswick residential and shopping centre, which for some reason is very often mentioned in popular culture.


Then I turn onto Bernard Street and head towards Russell Square itself. Strangely, there are quite a few hotels surrounding Russell Square, which I can’t understand the rationale for. There are the buildings of the University of London, which I talked about in my post about Fitzrovia, on the other side of the square, but I’m not sure if these facts are related at all.


The entrance to the garden square is one of the few places in London with the traditional heritage style phone boxes still remaining.


What else would you expect to see on a green patch of any size in London on a warm sunny day, other than lots of people sitting on the grass, basking in the sun and enjoying themselves?


The square is not even that big, but interestingly enough it has an established Friends of Russell Square society, which oversees its development and works with the community.


Right in the centre of Russell Square there is a tiny fountain looking more like a puddle, but apparently that’s enough water for kids to play with and splash around.


Picnics in the parks in London are absolutely the best! They are even enjoyable in early spring, when the first rays of sunlight shyly appear and make a very timid effort to slightly heat the ground, let alone summertime!


I have already passed through Russell Square and am now heading via Montague Street towards Holborn.


On my right, there is the massive building of the British Museum.


More square gardens on my way – this time the Bloomsbury Square Gardens. I’m not entering though, as I’m already in a bit of a hurry, plus I don’t think there is anything much exciting in there to see.


The only interesting thing I spot is the Victoria House, which looks really nice on the outside. Inside, it basically has lots of office, retail and leisure space.


I am now almost running down Southampton Row, but still stop from time to time to take a picture of the street.


Mind you, running does not feel extremely pleasant, as it is really hot and humid.


Holborn is yet another toponym in London, which I’m struggling to pronounce properly. Apparently, the correct way to pronounce it is something like hoʊbərn, which sounds slightly weird.


Finally, I’ve reached the Holborn tube station. I quite like this area, by the way, mainly for its architecture.




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