I think, it’s my first dinner post on this blog, as my other food posts mostly covered breakfasts. Today I’m having dinner at my most favourite restaurant ever: Dim’T, serving various Asian dishes. There are a few of them around London, and years ago I used to have one right next to where I live, but it has closed down. So usually I come to the one at Victoria.

I must be too excited, as I even forget to take a picture outside. Here is one of the inside, though: those dimmed lights create a very special atmosphere which I really like.


First of all, I get a large glass of French red wine.


My favourite starter here is spicy edamame. It comes with an empty bowl for the shells and another bowl with lemon water to wash the hands.


Another starter, which I don’t usually have and which I doubt I even tasted before, is the Salt and Pepper prawns. The sauce they come with is most probably sweet chili.


Dim’T has a rather good selection of soups, and half portions are available for all of them. This is delicious spicy tom yum soup with chicken.


Dim sum here are my favourite as well. I know, there are not as authentic as you can get in a Cantonese eatery in Chinatown or even at the Imperial China restaurant, but they are so delicious! The dumplings in the picture are with spicy beef.


As for side dishes, I like different ones. Today it’s going to be Ban Lee vegetable salad with avocado, butternut squash, courgettes, peppers, sugar snaps, broccoli and cashew nuts.


And finally, what can be better to wash all of that down than a nice pot of oolong tea?




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