Afternoon Tea at Four Seasons Hotel

Whenever my mum is in London, there are a few places we traditionally go to together, and a few things we do, afternoon tea being one of them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the Amaranto restaurant at the Four Seasons hotel, but we have tried several places and liked this one the most of all.


It is a luxury hotel, and the interior of the restaurant quite corresponds to that fact. The afternoon tea, by the way, is not that cheap at all, and I would say, you mostly pay for the experience: sitting in a comfy armchair in this elegant lounge, being served at the highest level, enjoying delicious treats and feeling very posh overall!




We both go for the “Journey Through British Summer Time” afternoon tea menu (the other option is vegetarian) and I get English Breakfast tea, while my mum opts for Darjeeling.


The finger sandwiches and the cakes arrive at the same time.


The selection of sandwiches includes Coronation Chicken on white bread; cucumber, cream cheese and radish on brown bread; crab with apple and celery on brioche; smoked salmon with sweet pea on granary bread and cheddar cheese with pickles also on granary bread.


And now the cakes! The first plate comes with jam roly-poly, strawberry and cream sponge and lemon and rose Battenberg cake (the checkerboard one). They are all pretty good.


But the two very best cakes are on the other plate: rhubarb cake; and coffee, chocolate & hibiscus jelly cake both taste heavenly!


Scones are served separately and later, so that they are eaten warm. There is one plain and one raisin scone per person, with clotted cream, rhubarb preserve and berry jam.


As much as I enjoy the sandwiches and the cakes, it’s the scones with cream and jam that are my favourite part of the afternoon tea and its absolute highlight!


Finally, although I am not a big fan of taking pictures at the lavatory, this one looks pretty amazing, so I just have to!




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